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Other Fly Tying Artifacts

A collection of rare Fly Tying Items Housed in Vintage Tying Kits from 1830-1925
Click on the Links below to take you to the pages; Any questions please post in the Facebook Vintage Fly Tying Group!

General beresford's Kit

Stuart Hardy personal Vintage Kit

Vintage Kit Circa 1900

A Collection of Rare 19c Dubbing

Farlows Streamside Kit

A recently Discovered Kit - Origin not Known

A fabulous mixed collection from approx 1910..including one of the rarest fly tying materials. Tinselled copper chenille in perfect condition. The boxes did not come with the kit but are from the period..the original boxes were badly mothed.

A well-stocked Farlows Riverside Kit from approx 1900

A Goat Vellum and leather treasure trove of fly tying materials -some identified on the packets and others not.
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