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Hooks & Dubbing

Among Kelson's many claims, were his invention of the 'Kelson bend'  - with a more pronounced 'pout' on a Limerick than had been previously used, having had the hooks in hand I can say that this is apparent, although I have others similar that are potentially older. However, if you follow the altercation in the Fishing Gazette with Marston (On the History Page) there are counterclaims that indeed seem to hold up. He,  no doubt, preferred this style based on hooking characteristics - and translated it onto the Up-eyed Limericks in the collection. It is also interesting to note that well-known hook makers such as Wyers-Freres produced hooks under his name with this pattern - so they presumably felt there was a commercial difference, albeit only in name.


As with everything else it was vital for Kelson to maintain his position as a literary authority on all things related to the Salmon Fly - his career was based on it - and as ever he probably strayed a little too far.


Regarding dubbing, the most interesting items were the 'Rogan Fiery  Brown'  - and again there is much debate and storytelling regarding Kelly's dubbing as being far superior to Rogan (Pigs Wool)...again this story can be found in the Fishing Gazette linked on this site

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