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My personal Vintage tying kit used at shows built from approximately 8 collections - Period 1850-1925 ..some of the  more interesting contents are shown here

Description: Over 500 vintage hooks and seldom seen items. It includes almost every known classic fly tying material and probably constitutes the most comprehensive historical travelling kit in the world today! The kit also includes vintage materials for modern patterns such as the Peacock Pheasants. A collection of over 200 Vintage Pearsall's threads to accompany the collection is stored separately!
History: The collection comprises items from a Royal Navy Commander Raikes who fort in the Pacific War, and was handed down to him from his father - and also a Military Officer stationed in India pre-1900. The sharp-eyed will also have spotted items from the Arther Hawley/ Sir Roger Casement collection. I managed to save the hooks, flies and a few items of historical interest before they hit Mullocks auction house. They now reside in Germany and were purchased to provide tying materials for a book project - which is a travesty - however fine the book project ( It was one of the most significant collections of exotic materials to hit the market in recent years - and the ownership of Sir Roger Casement , the last man to be hanged for treason in the Uk was of great historical significance.
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